Tuesday, April 14, 2015

36 - The darkest night will pass…

“I can tell you without equivocation you are not under the thrall of any vampyre,” Rikard told Seth.

Seth let out a deep sigh of relief. Rikard had spent what seemed like forever inside his mind looking for any traces of another vampyre’s having put a compulsion on him of any kind.

Kemp’s response was a bit less restrained. He whooped and hugged Seth tightly. “Now that we have that cleared up, we’re good to go.”

“Not so fast Kemp,” Rikard replied. “There’s one more thing that has to be done. I need to make certain no vampyre can control him in the future.”

Both of the young men frowned at his words.

“Exactly how?” Seth asked, afraid he knew, and at not all certain he would be willing.

“You drink my blood, thus acknowledging I am your Master.”

“No way!” Kemp said before Seth could reply. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, Rikard, but damn it hasn’t he been through enough already in that respect with Hakim?”

“Shh, calm down,” Seth said, squeezing Kemp’s arm as he asked Rikard, “If I did, then no other vampyre could reverse it or force me to do their bidding?”

“None weaker than I, no.”

“I see. So in theory at least, none of Hakim’s or Khalid’s Children would be able to use me.”

“In theory, presuming none of them is more powerful than I.”

“I don’t like those odds,” Kemp said. “After all Khalid was Hakim’s Child, and he was able to break the bond between you and Owen. So there are probably others out there like him.”

“Sadly, you’re correct. However it’s the only way I can think of to keep him at least somewhat safe, Kemp.”

“There’s one other way. My father, if he’s willing.”

“That would definitely make Seth invulnerable to all but the most ancient of vampyres.” 

“What about Kemp though?” Seth asked.

“Dhampir here,” Kemp replied with a smile. “No vampyre can control me. It comes with the territory.”

“Well that’s a bummer. I can think of several things I’d like to make you do.” Seth’s eyes gleamed wickedly at he raked them over Kemp.

“Boys, pay attention to the problem at hand,” Rikard ordered. “You’ll have plenty of time for playing later—out of my presence.”

“Yes sir,” they both replied, grinning as they turned their attention back to the old vampyre.

“So the question remains, would you be willing to let a powerful vampyre become your Master, Seth.”

Seth glanced at Kemp again—this time seriously. “Do you think your father would?”

“It can’t hurt to ask. We have a week before Trev leaves for good. He can watch the territory while we go visit my father and see.”


  1. Awesome! and congrats on Revenge being an ARe bestseller!!