Friday, March 13, 2015

20 - The darkest night will pass…

“You’re jumping to conclusions about me.” Seth told Rikard. “For all you know I’m all about women.”

“Perhaps, but I doubt it. I’ve been around for more years than I care to think about, and have become fairly perceptive about things like that. You may be bi-sexual and enjoy the pleasures of a female from time to time, but when it comes to looking for love, it’s a man you want.” As they turned the corner and the lights from the shops shown a few blocks ahead of them Rikard, slowed his pace. Turning to look at Seth he said, “Tell me about him.”

“I assume you don’t mean Kemp,” Seth replied with a slight smile. “Alright, not that there’s that much to tell. I met him during the War Between the States. I was Khalid’s Child, but at that point he had other things to occupy his time and gave me free rein to do as I wanted, as long as I never forgot that he owned me. And what I wanted to do was travel. Of course, given that there was a war going on, that was somewhat restricted but I did make my way south, ending up in Atlanta. Mark was a young, human civilian working as a clerk in one of the shops.”

Seth sighed as he remembered. “There was an instant attraction that soon grew into love on both our parts. Of course we had to hide it. Homosexuality was not accepted back then and could have caused him a great deal of trouble had anyone found out.”

“Did he know that you were a vampyre?”

“Not until the very end and then it was too late.” Seth’s face shut down and his pace quickened. Only when Rikard put a hand on his shoulder did he slow down and continue his story. “We had two wonderful years together, despite the war raging in the country. And then…then came the battle for Atlanta. Sherman, the bastard, ordered the cannonading of the Confederate lines, and of the city itself. There were only a few civilians left there and Mark was one of them. It was my fault. He was torn between leaving the place he’d grown up in and loved, or staying, hoping the enemy would move on eventually. I supported his staying because I was so certain I could protect him from the marauding soldiers, if it came down to that.” He sighed deeply. “The soldiers I could have dealt with, but not the artillery barrage. We were cautious, we hid in the basement, but that didn’t save us in the end. Didn’t save him.”

“Did you try to? Did you tell him that you could turn him to save his life?”

Seth nodded, his face filled with pain. “He was horrified, terror stricken. If he could have run from me he would have. Instead he died denying our love.”

“I’m sorry,” Rikard said softly.

“As am I. If I’d been truthful with him from the beginning he might still be alive today, or at least he wouldn’t have died hating me for what I am.”

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