Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 - The darkest night will pass…

Following the minions is easy enough. Either they are idiots or they don’t care.

For a dhampir like me, resisting killing one of them is harder.

They split up after visiting another club. Whether by design or just my bad luck, one of them finds himself a victim. I have no choice. I have to follow and do what I can to save her without giving into the temptation to turn him into ashes.

Said minion isn’t a happy camper when I appear just as he's about to make dinner of the young woman.

“This one’s mine,” he says, raising his head from her throat to glare at me.

Guess he really is an idiot. A fledgling one actually since he doesn't know who and what I am. Just thinks I'm another vampyre. So I play into that.

“You’re in my territory,” I hiss.

“And I care why? We take what we want where we want. The whole territory idea sucks.” He laughs at his unintended witticism.

I don’t. “Move away from her. Do you want the King to know you are breaking his laws?”

“He knows. He won’t do a thing.”

Pretending surprise. “You’re shitting me!”

“Naw. He’s…” The vampyre shrugs. “Can’t tell you.” He bends his head to the victim’s throat again, his fangs grazing it.

I take two steps closer. He looks up again. “My territory, I get first feeding,” I tell him.

There’s a momentary hesitation before he rips into her throat, drinks deeply, and then shoves her at me. “She tastes good. Finish her off.”

As I catch her he vanishes from sight. Well her sight. Me—I watch as he runs down the alley. I’d follow but he’s left me with a half dead woman who needs healing. Pulling out my cell I call Leif.

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