Thursday, February 5, 2015

2 - The darkest night will pass…

“You know,” Leif said after the applause had died down, “if it were me in charge Kemp would be the lead singer.”

Trevor chuckled. “Well you are prejudiced, but hell I agree with you. It’s not going to happen though, not in this club. The lead is the owner’s kid.”

“Ouch. Okay.” Leif smiled broadly when Kemp came over to stand beside him. “You’re damned good bro.”

“Thanks.” Kemp reddened slightly when Trevor added his praise to Leif’s. “Couple more years and maybe I’ll be singing lead, gods willing.”

“You will be.” Leif clapped him on the back and was about to say more when he saw Kemp stiffen. Then he felt it too, the presence of a pair of vampyres. “Any idea who they are?” he asked softly.

Kemp nodded, glancing at Trevor. The two dhampirs followed the vampyres’ movements even though the creatures were invisible to the human eye. As they ambled slowly towards the back of the club Kemp muttered quietly, “They’re minions to a rogue vampyre who came to town a week or so ago.”

“A rogue? Does Father know about this?”

“He does, and he’s not happy. Unfortunately this isn’t his territory and the local King doesn’t seem to give a damn.”

“I take it this rogue is hunting for pleasure.”

“He is, and viciously by all accounts.”

“Are you and Trev planning on doing something about him?”

Kemp nodded. “Once we find out where he holes up.”

Leif tapped a finger on the bar but kept his peace for the time being except to ask, “Why are those two here, and more to the point how do you know they’re his minions?”

Kemp said wryly, “Because they’ve been bragging about it.”

“Then why are they still walking around?” Leif growled.

Trevor turned to answer him. “They’re our only link to the rogue. He’s smart and very clever. He ignores territorial boundaries, hunting wherever he pleases, leaving his victims behind for someone else to clean up. So far the local vampyres have done that since, obviously, they don’t want the cops involved.”

“If that’s the case how did you two learn about him?”

“From my ex-boss, Sinclair,” Kemp told him. “He sometimes helps vampyres who need a safe place to stay for a day.”

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