Thursday, October 30, 2014

12 – ‘Come gentle night…’

Some people just don’t listen. I was enjoying a quiet commune with nature in the courtyard when I heard voices. Felt the presence of both enemies and another dhampir.

OK, so I wasn’t exactly communing. More like looking for the resting place of a vampyre I’d followed here just before sun-up this morning. I’d been too far behind him to see exactly where he vanished to but I knew it was somewhere close.

Anyway, I heard the voices and figured maybe the dhampir had more on his hands than he could probably deal with alone. When I saw who it was I for damned sure knew he couldn’t. Stupid kid. Probably thought they were after his body not his head.

So I invited them into my lair, so to speak. They followed quickly, their leader dragging the kid with him. Shoving him hard when they got into the courtyard. Laughing when the kid stumbled and fell on hands and knees.

The two others circled to each side of me. They lunged at me with hands now turned to claws. One wasn’t too happy when I cut his off. Howled a lot. Noisy bastard. I whirled fast in time to avoid more than a serious gash to my arm from the other one. Ducked low. Brought my sword up fast. The silver did its work. More fucking howling. You’d think being a vampyre they’d have hissed. But they usually don’t when in pain.

As they bled profusely I turned to see what the leader was up to. He had the kid pulled back against his legs, one clawed finger pressed to his jugular.

“Stop right there or he dies,” the fucker said. A drop of blood appeared on the kid’s throat.

I shrugged. “No skin off my nose. Don’t even know him.” Smiled tightly as I moved towards the pair.

“Mine either,” the vampyre said as he pressed his claw deeper.

The kid suddenly grew some balls. Twisted hard away. Slammed his head back into the vampyre’s groin. Hell that had to have hurt. Even my balls shriveled as the bastard bent over gasping for breath. A second later breathing became academic as he turned to ash. I checked on the other two. Put them out of their misery.

Then went to see how the kid was doing.

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