Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 39

"It's not nice to threaten cute little elves," Simeon said as his arm snaked around Calaul's throat. In his other hand he held a long, sharp blade. He pressed its tip to the flesh under the assassin's chin. "Move even a fraction of an inch and you'll die. Try to mist away and you will feel what fire can do to you, even in that form."

"I know that voice," Calaul whispered, holding perfectly still. "You wouldn't kill me, Simeon. You don't have it in you."

"Oh but I certainly do. It's time to rid the world of your poison."

Instead of replying, Calaul stared at Vergil. "You want me alive so I can face trial for my crimes. Between us we can make that happen. Grab his arm before he can use the blade!"

Vergil felt the aura of command in Calaul's voice, just as he had in Simeon's the one time he'd tried to use it on him, and laughed. "Not happening. We are judge, jury and executioners and we find you guilty of unspeakable crimes against humanity."

The words were barely out of Vergil's mouth when Simeon forced the blade up until it penetrated Calaul's brain. He twisted it, withdrew it, then slashed Calaul's throat, severing the vampire's head from his body.

Vergil sank back against the wall. "Well that was… too damned easy if you ask me."

Simeon chuckled as he let Calaul's body drop to join its head on the floor in front of him. "You wanted a battle royal with lots of blood and gore, some of it yours and mine?"

"Well, no, but still… Okay, yeah I'm glad it went relatively easily. By the way, `cute little elf'? I think I resent that description. I'm not little."

"No, that you aren't." Simeon's eyes dropped down for a moment to Vergil's crotch then rose again. "But you are cute, and an elf."

"I'll cede the point on that. Shall we do something with the trash? It's making a bloody mess on the floor, literally."

"Later. Right now I need to let those who will be most interested know there is one less rogue bastard in our world, and you should call your lieutenant to tell him Calaul has been dealt with."

"Damn, you're all business all of a sudden."

Simeon closed the distance between them, saying as he put his hands on Vergil's shoulders, "I think you need to focus on the present until you've unwound some." He instantly pulled one hand back. "You're bleeding."

"Oh, yeah, I guess I am. You guys have long claws when you put your mind to it. I'll live though, promise."

"To fight another day?"

"Damned straight… or not." Vergil smiled weakly. "And I'm not wound up."

Simeon's eyebrows arched. "You're making jokes so you're wound up."

"And you're grumping."

"Then let's take care of the problem at hand and go do something to relax both of us."

"Now that is the best idea you've had in ages."

Simeon grinned wickedly. "I thought you might like it."


  1. Oh wow! That was definitely quick, thankfully! Yea!! So wonderful! Love love love it!