Monday, September 8, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 29

Simeon almost pointed out he hadn’t fully committed to helping Vergil, and then realized it wasn’t the truth. He would do everything in his power to keep him alive. “I’m not without a few abilities of my own. My question is what can you do besides control animals?”

With a small smirk Vergil said, “I can’t be mind controlled.”

“I noticed.”

Vergil chuckled and went on. “I wasn’t a magic worker and even if I had been most of it wouldn’t work in this world and certainly not against an older vampire. Alright, I take that back, I can put up a protective shield.” He shook his head slightly, grimacing. “However, as I found out to my misfortune, it doesn’t work against bullets or for that matter any weapon here. It will work against anything elemental like fire or water.”

“Now that could come in quite useful. Some of us have the fire gift, as well as an ability to control aspects of weather.”

“So presuming he doesn’t find me first and just open fire I… we might stand a chance of defeating him.”

“I think we definitely do. Together.”

With those words Simeon leaned forward, enfolding Vergil within his embrace. It wasn’t sensual despite the fact Simeon was still undressed, the sheet barely covering him. Vergil melted into him, his head resting on his shoulder as he accepted what Simeon was offering, his strength and his caring.

They remained as they were for long moments before Simeon released him. Vergil touched Simeon’s cheek briefly. “I’m not weak, despite… despite how I must have sounded.”

“I never thought for a second that you were,” Simeon replied, catching his hand. “A weak man would have fled the moment he knew Calaul was after him. A weak man would never have put himself in the position you did in order to stop those bastards in the first place.”

Someone had to stop them,” Vergil protested. 

“They would have found another way. It might have taken longer but they would have. No, my fine young elf, you are far from weak in too many ways to count.” 

Vergil lowered his eyes at the compliment which caused Simeon to smile and say, “Now, before I embarrass you even more, I should get up and get dressed. Then we can make plans for how we’ll stop Calaul.”

With apparent reluctance, Vergil moved away so Simeon could, his eyes lingering on him as the vampire strode across the room to select a pair of jeans. Simeon turned, wagging a finger at him. “You are seeing much too much of me to be good for either of our libidos right now. Go downstairs and… make yourself coffee or something.”

“For a kiss.”

Simeon cocked an eyebrow. “Hands behind your back.”

Obediently Vergil did as he asked. Simeon returned to the bed, bent, and kissed him, smiling when Vergil returned it rather more forcefully than he should have at the moment. Pulling back, Simeon stroked the pad of his thumb over Vergil’s lips. “Now go so I can get dressed in peace.”

Vergil stood, saluted mockingly, and left the room, stopping just long enough to look back and say, “The time will come…”

“Indeed it will. Just not a this moment.” Simeon flicked his fingers. “Now get.”


  1. Okay, two things. Can't wait for the "time" :) AND can't wait for more. Honestly, I am truly looking forward to seeing how they will do this. So good!