Monday, August 25, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 22

When they reached to second floor Simeon was stymied. There were four doors, all closed. “Which one?”

“Umm…” Vergil blinked and pointed.

Simeon chuckled. “You are tired I think.” Putting his arm around the smaller male’s waist he steered him in the right direction and opened the bedroom door. When Vergil seemed hesitant to enter, Simeon put one hand at the small of his back to urge him forward until they reached the bed.

Vergil sat, looking up at Simeon. “You’re...?”

“Stop asking. Take off your shoes, then your socks, or do you want me to do that for you.” Without waiting for a reply Simeon dropped down on one knee to help, since Vergil seemed intent on unbuttoning his shirt instead. “For a mere elf you have a nice body,” he commented as he eyed Vergil’s torso.

“Mere elf? Mere..?” Vergil’s amethyst eyes sparked with annoyance.

Simeon grinned. “That woke you up.”

“Yeah, guess it did.” Reaching down, Vergil began to unbutton Simeon’s shirt. When he’d finished he took in the well-defined chest in front of him. “Yours isn’t too bad either, for a vampire.”

“Just how many other vampires have you seen half-undressed?”

“Humm… Maybe none?”

Simeon snorted. “Thought as much.” He stood, folding his shirt over the back of a chair. He held out his hand, waiting for Vergil to give him his shirt then did the same with it. After neatly setting his shoes next to the chair, socks lying on top of them, he asked, “Do you sleep in something? If so where is it?”

“Actually, usually, nothing.”

“A man after my own heart. However, under the circumstances, if you’d be more comfortable in sweat pants just tell me where to find them.”

Vergil scrubbed a hand through his hair. “Stop treating me like I’m going to break, or go fleeing from the room before you can see me naked, or vice versa.”

“Believe me seeing you in the buff is not going to send me fleeing.” Simeon started to unzip his slacks, smiling to himself when he realized Vergil was watching with more than a touch of interest. As he let his slacks slide off his hips and felt Vergil’s eyes still on him he wagged a finger at him. “We’re just sleeping. You’re about to pass out where you’re sitting.”

It was apparent Vergil was going to deny he was, but a yawn proved him a liar.

“Lie back and I’ll get your pants off you,” Simeon ordered with a laugh.

Vergil did after unzipping them, lifting his hips to facilitate their removal. Simeon’s look lingered for a long moment on the elf’s package and then his pale, muscular thighs. Fighting a rush of lust he took both pairs of slacks to the chair, folding them as well.

“Nice ass,” Vergil muttered, the last part sibilant as he yawned again.

Coming back to the bed, where Vergil was now curled on his side, Simeon slid in behind him. After wrapping his arms around him he whispered, “Close your eyes and sleep.”

Vergil snuggled against him with a murmured, “You’re cold.”

“Just cool, and it comes with the territory. You’ll get used to it.”

“Mmm humm, I hope… so… plan on…” were the last words Vergil managed to get out before falling asleep.

“I do too, Vergil. But time will tell.”


  1. So damn romantic! Forgot about the part where the vampire is all dead and cold and stuff. But I would imagine there will be some very warm situations coming right up!! Can't wait for more!

    1. I suspect there might be in time. *G* Not saying for sure though. LOL.