Friday, August 1, 2014

The Cabbie and the Cop – 10

Simeon dropped off his latest fare at one of the major hotels in the city, heartily glad to be rid of the woman. She was one of the kind who liked to talk nonstop about anything and everything and felt she had a captive audience in him---which she did. He now knew more about her friends and family than any one of them probably did. He’d listened politely, nodded or commented at the proper points, and was glad she at least was a decent tipper. It made up for long ride in from the airport.

Now he was sitting in line with the other cabs in front of the same hotel, wondering if he should just cruise the streets to see what he could find. Ten minutes passed without even one of the cabs leaving with a fare. At this rate he’d be there all night.

Upward and onward He pulled out of line, getting a wave from the cabbie behind him in thanks.

He knew he’d made the right choice as the night wore on and he picked up several fares for short hops and decent tips. Not that he needed the tips. That was why he made a stop at a local free clinic to hand the money over to one of the people in charge—something he did on a sporadic basis when he’d accumulated enough to make it worth while.

He laughed to himself. I’m such a saint. St. Simeon, the Vampire. He got a mental image of a statue with his face, set in a niche on the front of a basilica and laughed harder. That’ll be the day.

With dawn approaching Simeon headed home. As old as he was he didn’t need to worry about being indoors before the sun appeared, but habits die hard even at his age. When he headed out of the downtown area he passed a group of men already lined up and waiting at a day labor place. He saw it often enough that he wouldn’t have paid any heed to them if one of the men hadn't looked vaguely familiar. He slowed to a crawl, wondering if his eyes were deceiving him. They weren’t. It was Vergil, appearing very down and out as he danced from foot to foot, his arms wrapped around in an apparent attempt to ward off the chill morning air.

I know you’re not really jobless, so what’s got you going undercover this time? Simeon wondered. Not that I’ll ever find out, but…

At that moment Vergil glanced his way. His amethyst eyes widened for a brief second before he gave a very slight shake of his head and turned away. Getting the message, Simeon sped up again, glancing in the rearview mirror to note Vergil watching his departure. Guess I was wrong. We did see each other again, for whatever that’s worth. Maybe third time lucky? He chuckled under his breath. Doubtful to say the least.


  1. I love Simeon! He is precious! Can't wait to see what happens between these two. I truly love the buildup to the point where they finally understand their attraction to each other. It's my favorite part. Can't wait for more! But you knew that!

    1. Indeed I do know. LOL I like Simeon too.