Friday, August 30, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 23

Declan rolled over, smiling when he saw Nicky lying there still asleep. They had made it back to the apartment just as the sun peeped over the horizon. After quick showers to rinse off what blood the dip in the stream hadn’t washed away they’d fallen into bed and instantly to sleep.

A fast glance at the clock on the nightstand told him it was well after noon, which explained why he was hungry. He placed a kiss on the nape of Nicky’s neck then rolled out of bed, headed to the bathroom and from there to the kitchen where he began to make lunch.

The sound of water running told him Nicky was up and moving so he wasn’t surprised when he heard soft footsteps come up behind him a few minutes later. He turned to smile at his lover, saying “Good morning. Sleep well?”

“Very well, and it’s afternoon in case you hadn’t noticed.” Nicky kissed him quickly then reached past him to snag a strip of bacon.

Declan slapped his hand. “That’s for BLTs. If your hungry help me get them made, or better yet set the table.”

They worked together in companionable silence then sat down to eat. After devouring one sandwich and reaching for a second, Declan asked, “How are you doing?”

Nicky knew what he meant and shrugged. “Okay I think. It was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done, but, well…” He took a big swallow of coffee. “I think I’m feeling guilty because I don’t feel guilty, if that makes any sense.”

Declan took his hand, nodding. “You’re not like me, it’s not what you’re used to.” He brought Nicky’s hand to his lips, kissing the palm. “What you have to remember is we’re better than the people we kill. Those women are rich sluts who use men, who use anyone truth be told, to gain what they desire. Wealth, prestige, you name it, it’s all they want out of life and they’ll do anything they can to get it. We’re doing everyone a service by eliminating them.”

“I guess.” When Declan arched an eyebrow, Nicky said, “All right, I know you’re right. They are worthless drains on society.”

“Exactly. Just keep telling yourself that.”

“You know,” Nicky’s eyes glowed in anticipation, “there are a lot of them out there.”

“True, but we’re not animals who kill anything that crosses our path. There has to be a reason.”

“You just said…”

“I said they deserve to be killed. But we have to do it at proper intervals. After all we don’t want to be caught, do we?”

“Of course not. So the ‘proper interval’ is when your mother pisses you off so much you can’t control the urge to do something.”

Declan chuckled. “According to all the research that’s what makes a serial killer kill, an uncontrollable urge triggered by an event or a need.”

Leaning back, Nicky stared at Declan. “What happens if I get the urge to kill?”

“Then if you can’t control it we find ourselves a victim. Learning control is essential, my boy. You can control your urges when we’re in bed, now you have to do the same when the need to kill hits you.”

“You don’t.”

Declan smiled. “If you think about it, I do. When Mother makes me angry I don’t dash out to find the first woman who reminds me of her and drag them off to my lair, so to speak. I take the time to plan it out.” He held up a hand to stop Nicky from saying anything. “Last night was not the norm. It was spur of the moment because what Mother did hurt you. I will not allow her to do that.”

“It’s too bad,” Nicky replied pensively, “we can’t just kill her.”

“Mother? No,” Declan spat out.


“She’s…my mother, my family. You don’t kill family. If you do then you go insane, like my father.” Nicky looked at him in question so Declan told him the story of how his father had killed his own brother.

“Damn,” Nicky said softly when Declan finished. “It sounds cliché or…something, but I do mean it, I’m sorry. Now I understand.”

“Thank you.” Declan touched his cheek then leaned in to kiss him. “You’re a good person which is why I…care for you I suppose.” He chuckled wryly. “A bloodthirsty one now, thanks to me, but still all in all you’re good people. Don’t let what I just said go to your head,” he added quickly. “This isn’t some big romance we have going now. I’m not capable of that, which I suspect you’ve figured out, but take it or leave it I do care for you.”

Nicky grinned. “I’ll take it.”

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 22

Declan dropped the woman onto the dirt floor of the mineshaft and quickly undressed, telling Nicky to do the same. Carefully folding his clothes, Declan placed them on one of the crates against the rock wall. Nicky followed suit. Then Declan walked back to the woman.  

Ignoring the moans that said she was regaining consciousness he tore off her clothes. There was no lust in his eyes as he did so, just raging hatred.

Nicky shuddered at the look on his face even as he wished Declan would move faster. He wanted to begin the game.

Once the woman lay naked at his feet, Declan pointed to the crates. Nicky understood what he needed, went to get the length of rope coiled there and tossed it to his lover. Declan bound the woman’s wrists tightly with half of it before throwing the tail end over a hook embedded in the rafter above him. He pulled and the woman’s body rose until she hung limply in front of him, her toes inches above the ground.

Declan slapped her face to bring her fully awake. She screamed, her eyes lighting on his face and then the knife he now held in one hand. His smile was vicious as he pressed the tip between her breasts, drawing it down slowly to her navel, a trail of blood following in its wake. He turned, beckoning for Nicky to come closer.

“You turn, your first blood,” Declan said, handing the knife to Nicky.

For a brief moment Nicky hesitated. The fear rolling off the woman was almost palpable. He dropped his eyes down. Her ribs stood out in stark relief. Taking a deep breath he pulled the knife’s blade between two of them, just under her breasts, and then between the matching pair on the other side. Her screams echoed through the shaft and he reveled at the sound of them.

It took half an hour before she died. After the initial cuts, Declan taught Nicky the uses of the other tools, how they could cause extreme pain without death following. Finally her tortured cries became low moans then whimpers. She died, her head dropping forward, her blonde hair falling against her mutilated chest, slowly turning red with her blood.

Nicky watched as she took her last, shuddering breath before turning to Declan. “That was…Damn, babe.”

Declan smiled, moving to him. His hands roamed Nicky’s blood-spattered body, stroking up his engorged shaft. Nicky growled low as he put his arms around Declan’s neck, rubbing against him almost frantically while covering his lips with his own. They fell to the blood covered dirt and like two rutting animals made love until both of them were sated.

“What a rush,” Nicky murmured when he could finally form words again. “Is it always like this?”

Smiling, Declan traced one bloodstained finger over his lips. “Better sometimes, sometimes not so much so. Now,” he eased himself up, reaching down for Nicky’s hand, “we should clean up and head back.”

Monday, August 26, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 21

Nicky went into the spare bedroom in Declan’s apartment, meaning to just put his bags on the bed before returning to the living room. As he turned to leave he found Declan standing in the doorway, arms crossed.

Declan nodded to the bags. “Unpack.”

With a wry grimace Nicky set to it, hanging some things in the small closet, putting the rest into the dresser drawers. He should have known better than to think he could wait.

“That’s my good boy,” Declan told him when he’d finished. “Now where shall we go tonight? Any suggestions?”

“Somewhere we haven’t been before, for starters. A nice, popular restaurant?”

Declan considered the suggestion and nodded. “An excellent idea. Change then pack up dark jeans and a turtle neck and your boots.” He started to leave, stopped and walked to where Nicky stood, cupping his face in his hands. “For luck,” he said softly, brushing a kiss across Nicky’s lips. Before Nicky could respond Declan was back at the door. “Get ready,” were his last words as he disappeared down the hall.

Yes sir, Nicky would have rolled his eyes at the command except for the fact he actually, and rather obviously considering the relationship they were in, didn’t mind Declan’s ordering him to do things. He changed quickly into navy slacks, a blue button-down shirt and a tie, packed up what he’d need for later, and went into the living room.

“You look quite handsome,” Declan said appreciatively.

Nicky smiled, looking at his lover’s black slacks and dark gray shirt. The only color was in the deep wine of his tie. “You’re not so bad yourself.”  

“Thank you. Shall we?” Declan picked up his backpack from the sofa then opened the door, waiting for Nicky to join him.

* * * *

Capturing the woman they’d chosen proved to be no problem at all. She sat two tables away from them with her escort, engaged in an argument which everyone within earshot could, and did listen to. The man was obviously upset with her while she was scathingly cold in her responses.

Declan watched for the right moment before telling Nicky quietly, “I’m going to the men’s room. She’s at the point where she’s going to get up and stalk out.” He handed him enough cash to pay for their meal plus a tip. “As soon as I’m gone flag down the waiter, pay him, and go to the car. I’ll meet you there.”

“What if she doesn’t leave?”

Declan smiled tightly. “She will, I know her type. She’ll make a dramatic exit then go to her car, intending to leave her date stranded to teach him a lesson. I’ll intercept her before she takes off. Just be ready when I bring her to the car.” He handed Nicky the keys.

Nicky did as Declan had told him then sat in the car with the motor running, waiting. He was surprised to see Declan appear a few minutes later with his arm around the woman’s shoulders, deep in conversation with her. You’re a real lady killer when you want to be, babe, literally and figuratively.

When they got to the car Declan held open the rear door and the woman got in, smiling as she said, “Ah, we have a chauffeur.”

Declan chuckled. “We do.” His hands were around her throat seconds later, squeezing tightly despite her thrashings until she passed out. “Drive,” he ordered as he jumped in beside her.

Nicky did, with a mix of excitement and panic racing through him. He kept one eye on the rearview mirror to make certain no one had seen what happened and tried to follow them. It took several long blocks before he felt safe and pulled over to the curb. He crawled over the console to the passenger seat with a small sigh of relief. Declan patted his thigh after he switched to the driver’s seat. “Easy enough, now that I’ve got you,” he said, leaning over to kiss Nicky’s cheek before he pulled the car out into traffic, heading towards the outskirts of the city.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 20

It was two weeks after Declan had taken him to the mineshaft and Nicky was getting restless. He wanted to ‘try his hand’ as he thought of it at helping his lover with a kill but it seemed it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Declan had been put in charge of the newest venture for his company and seemed to be spending all of his time at either the construction site in the city or the second one up north in Santa Fe. It left him with no time for either his mother or Nicky.

No quality time anyway. Nicky sighed as he prepared to leave work. Declan had called half an hour ago to say he was running late, again, which had definitely soured his mood. So when Declan’s mother marched through the front door of the store, looked around and spotting him stalked in his direction Nicky stood his ground.

“Young man, I want a word with you,” she declared.

“Yes?” He smiled as if she was just another customer. “Are you looking for something for your husband? I’d be glad to assist you.”

Ignoring his words, she said with some venom, “You are to stay away from my son.”

“He’s the only one who can make the decision whether he wants me around or not. For damned sure it’s not up to you,” he spat back.

“I am his mother.”

Nicky smiled broadly. “And I’m his lover.”

“You are nothing but…”

“Mrs. Kensington,” the shop manager broke in as he hurried up beside her. “Is there a problem?”

“This young man was insolent and insulting to me. He should be fired on the spot.”

The manager looked at Nicky. “Mr. Saunders, in my office now.”

Nicky began to protest but the expression on the manager’s face brooked no argument. He turned on his heel, heading to the office. As he did he caught the look of triumph on Delores Kensington’s face. This isn’t over by a long shot, he thought, smiling to himself.

* * * *

“She what?”

Nicky pulled the phone away from his ear until Declan stopped swearing and then explained what had happened. When Declan asked where he was at the moment Nicky told him he was at home.

“Pack some clothes and whatever else is important; I’ll be by in half an hour. You’re moving in with me.”

“Do I get a say in this?”

There was a brief pause then Declan said, “Of course you do. If you’d rather not…”

“I’ll be ready when you get here, so hurry babe.”

Half an hour later, on the dot, Nicky was down in the lobby of his apartment building. He saw Declan pull up in front, picked up his two bags and went out to the car, tossing them into the back seat before sliding into the passenger seat. Declan immediately pulled him close enough to kiss him, murmuring, “I’m sorry, Nicky.”

“For what? It wasn’t your fault.” Nicky straightened, putting a hand on Declan’s thigh, giving it a squeeze as he studied him.

Declan stared back briefly then pulled out onto the street. “Yes, we’re going hunting tonight,” he growled, the gentle man of a moment ago replaced by an angry one.

Nicky nodded slowly. It was exactly what he wanted to do; he just prayed he’d really be able to carry through when the time came so he wouldn’t disappoint Declan, or himself.


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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 19

“Well hell,” Declan muttered an hour later. “If I’d known just how ‘enthusiastic’ you’d be I’d have told you about things a long time ago.”

Nicky laughed, turning his head to look at his lover. “I so doubt that. But now that you have, what next?”

Declan considered his question seriously. “First, I think, we’re going for a ride into the mountains.” He chuckled when Nicky’s whole body stiffened. “I’m not planning on killing you so get that thought out of your head. I want to show you something is all.” He kissed Nicky’s temple. “So move it.”

Nicky did, after giving Declan one final kiss. He showered and dressed before going into the kitchen to make coffee, while Declan did the same. He had the feeling they’d both need some to keep them awake since it was closing in on three in the morning and neither of them had gotten any sleep.  

When Declan wandered into the kitchen a bit later Nicky handed him a cup of coffee, asked if he had a thermos for the rest and filled it when Declan told him where it was.

“Clean out the pot and put the cups in the dishwasher,” Declan told him, his tone of voice verging on an order.

Nicky saluted, earning him a slight grin, and did as he was told, understanding that Declan’s ‘neat freak’ side required all dirty dishes be taken care of before they left the apartment.

“Exactly where are we going?” Nicky asked half an hour later.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Declan drove on for another mile before turning off the two-lane road onto narrow dirt trial barely wide enough to accommodate the car. A few hundred yards further and he made another turn, this time to park behind two tall pine trees.

There was barely room enough to get out of the car as Nicky discovered when his door made a solid thump against one tree trunk when he pushed it open. “Good hiding place,” he whispered once they were back on the trail.

Declan chuckled. “You can talk normally. There’s no one within miles of here.”

Nicky nodded as he walked beside Declan until the trial petered out, the only light they had coming from the small flashlight in Declan’s hand.

“Stay close,” Declan told him as he led the way between the trees which covered the sloping ground. “Almost there,” he said a few minutes later.

Nicky sighed in relief. Wherever ‘there’ was it had to be better than all the walking. Well, if he’s not planning on deserting me here. Nicky shook his head at that thought. This is not Hansel and Gretel.

A steep cliff devoid of trees suddenly came into view, the ground at the foot of it rocky and brush-covered. Nicky could vaguely see a darker shape in the deep gray of the cliff wall as thin moonlight lit the treeless space. “What is that?”

“A deserted mineshaft.”

“How the hell did you find it? Is this where..?”

“Luck, and yeah. I was looking for a cave and stumbled across this. The road that used to come up here is gone, nature took it back. As far as I can figure the mine probably failed a long time ago and that was that.”

As they moved down the shaft the fresh air dissipated and the rank odor of death took over, faint but definitely there. Nicky wrinkled his nose is disgust, gratefully taking the nose-plugs Declan handed him.

Declan stopped suddenly when they were well into the shaft. “Wait,” he said before moving forward. Seconds later light from a lantern standing in the center of the shaft lit up the area.

“Oh my God,” Nicky gasped. The sight in front of him was something out of a horror film. Bodies hung from the rafters in varying degrees of decay; female bodies, blonde females unsurprisingly. Straight ahead of him the woman he’d seen in the club earlier in the evening. “You take your time with them,” he said as he walked closer to see the destruction Declan had wrought on her body.

“I do.” Declan came up behind him, wrapping his arms around Nicky’s waist. “Does it bother you?”

Nicky shook his head. “For a second, yeah it did, but…” He leaned back against Declan’s chest, turning his head to look at him, his eyes gleaming in anticipation. “The next one we share?”

“Aren’t you a bloodthirsty young man,” Declan declared, a grin quirking his lips up. “Of course we do.”

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 18

Declan smiled tightly. “I’d be the one who was crazy if I didn’t say you are wrong.”

“Oh, babe, you’ve already admitted it.”

Declan cocked an eyebrow, puzzled by how calm Nicky was now, so soon after his blowup of a few minutes ago. “If you thought you’d figured it out then why haven’t you..?”

“Called the police, said something to someone? Because I find the whole idea very exciting.”

The urge to laugh welled up in Declan, whether because he was amused or just in some way relieved. “Now who’s the crazy one?”

“Both of us?”

Declan shook his head. “As I told someone earlier tonight, I’m not crazy. Well, actually I told her I wasn’t insane. Semantics I suppose.”

“I guess.” Nicky leaned back, his eyes locked on Declan’s face again as he asked quietly. “So now what?”

“Interesting question. I suppose I should kill you before your conscience gets the best of you and you decide you do have to call the cops,” he replied, his expression very serious.

Nicky smiled. “But you won’t. You need me.”

Declan’s eyebrow rose. “In what way?”

“First off because I’m your way of releasing some of the tension you feel when you’ve had a call from your mother, one of the ones reminding you of something you have to do, or calling to find out why you haven’t called her.” Nicky smiled a bit. “I’m not totally unaware of how your mind works, babe. That’s not the only reason we make love, but it can be a motivating factor at times. I usually know when she’s the trigger because you’re rougher, more demanding.”

Declan nodded. “You are perceptive, but what would stop me from finding a replacement for you after I killed you?”

“You could, and probably would. There’s something else though which will keep you from burying me in the backyard, or whatever you do with the bodies.”

Resting one hand on Nicky’s thigh, his fingers beating a light tattoo there, Declan asked, “Which would be?”

“Two of us could be more effective when it comes to picking out, and then picking up, the right female. And that’s just for starters. I don’t know what you do with them but I do know you well enough I don’t think you just strangle them and dispose of the body somewhere safe.”

Declan tapped a thumb thoughtfully against his lip as he considered what Nicky seemed to be suggesting. It worked for father and his brother.

Nicky waited as the silence lengthened. Finally, unable to remain quiet any longer he said, “Think of Leopold and Loeb, Bianchi and Buono, Dr. Bolber and his cousins.”

“Been doing your homework?” Declan chuckled.

Nicky shrugged. “When I first began to wonder if it was possible you were responsible for those women vanishing I did a bit of research online. There have been pairs of killers, so why not us.”

“I’m not all that sure you’d have the stomach for it,” Declan replied honestly. “It’s one thing fantasize about it, it’s another to do it, especially when you don’t have the motivation. You, my dear boy, are not really serial-killer material.”

“In terms of profiling, no I suppose I’m not. I have a good family who never abused me physically or verbally. I’m not violent, I didn’t kill small animals as a kid, nor did I want to. I don’t get angry easily and have a need to act out when I am.”

“In other words you’re my polar opposite,” Declan said with a laugh. “You do have a point though; there have been pairs of killers, my father and his brother for one.”

Nicky’s eyes widened in surprise. “Seriously?”

Declan nodded. “Very seriously. I’m talking about my real father of course, not Reginald. So maybe in my case it’s genetic?”

“Not sure that’s actually a possibility.”

“Hell, who knows. I might be a good case study, especially since my grandfather was one too.”

“Now that’s just too weird.”

“Weird, yeah, but I’m not using it as an excuse for what I do. I like killing, as long as it’s a female of a specific type, ones who stand in for my mother.” He stroked Nicky’s thigh, smiling. “Yes, I’m well aware of my motivations, but who the hell knows, if it wasn’t that I might have fixated on something else. There are a million people out there who deserve to die. I just chose one type, the bitches who think they’re better than everyone else.”

“Blondes like your mother.”

“So I specialize within the species.” His hand moved up Nicky’s thigh and he smiled as he realized Nicky was getting hard. “This is turning you on, isn’t it?” he commented, palming his lover’s erection.

“Very much so. The whole idea is, well as I said, exciting. Not that just having you touching me doesn’t excite me, but add the idea of killing someone into the mix and hell yeah!” Nicky pressed against Declan’s hand while wrapping his arms around his neck, taking his mouth in a searing, hungry kiss.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 17

There was something in Nicky’s face, in his tone of voice that said he meant it, at least at that moment. Declan nodded. “You were that angry?”

“I hated her. She had no right…”

Declan crossed to the sofa, sitting down beside him. “You can’t just kill someone because they do something you don’t like,” he said, his voice teasing.

Nicky stared at him before he said, slowly and calmly, “You do, when you think you could get away with it.”

Declan froze. “What makes you say that?”

“I’ve seen how you look at some women, the ones who…who look like your mother, or act like her. The icy blondes who think they’re better than anyone else. And then…” Nicky didn’t drop his eyes from Declan’s face, “sometimes they’re gone.”

With a low laugh Declan said, “You’re making it sound like I’m serial killer.”

Nicky didn’t blink an eye, replying. “Perhaps you are.  Perhaps you kill them, wishing they were your mother.”

“If that were true, why aren’t I killing her instead?”

Nicky said very seriously, “You can’t, because she is your mother, so you project your hatred onto those women, ones like the one you left with tonight.”

“So you think I killed her,” Declan replied with a laugh.

For a long moment Nicky studied him. “Did you?” he asked quietly. “You said seeing her again was not an option.” He chewed his lip, waiting for an answer.

“You can not be serious!”

“Why not?”

“Because…because that’s just insane.”

Nicky held up his hand. “Three months ago a woman disappeared, blonde, rich, she was in your social circle so to speak and she was someone I’d seen you dancing with at one of the clubs. Not that I thought anything about it when I heard she’d just vanished.” He bent down one finger. “A month later it happened again.” A second finger went down. “That was right after you went on that huge rant about your mother. Last month a woman walked out of her house, to go to a party I think the papers said. She walked into her garage and was never seen again.” He dropped his hand onto Declan’s arm. “Your mother was pressuring you to quit your job and get a better one around then if I remember correctly.”

Declan stared at him, gripping his hand, squeezing it so hard Nicky had to bite back a cry of pain. “So you know.” he growled, his voice low and threatening.

“I didn’t, for certain, until just this moment. I thought …well that what I was thinking was totally off the wall. Call me dumb, but I really didn’t put anything together until that last one. You get angry at your mother and then a blonde, snobbish female vanishes a few days later never to be seen again. I thought I had to be crazy. That it was all coincidences.” With his free hand he touched Declan’s cheek. “I not wrong, am I?”

Friday, August 16, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 16

“Sick, huh?” Nicky spat out. “Sick of me I guess since you snuck out with that woman. Since when did you start feeling you couldn’t just tell me?”

Declan’s hands fisted tightly behind his back. “We will not talk about this out here.”

“Then where? Upstairs?”

“Yes.” Declan walked around him, opened the door and waited for him to enter.

Nicky did, staring icily at his lover. The silence as they rode up in the elevator was deadly. Only when they got into Declan’s apartment did it end.

“Was she good?” Nicky screamed, letting all the anger out he’d been holding in. “Was she as good as me? Or better?”

“Is there any way I can answer your question that you’d accept?” Declan replied stonily.

“With the truth, if you have it in you to be truthful.”

“Nicky, I never promised you you’d be the only one,” Declan reminded him.

“I know that! But after two years…” Nicky stalked up to Declan until they were toe to toe. “You did promise you wouldn’t leave with someone when you were with me. Are you going to see her again, Miss pretty, stuck-up blonde?”

Declan’s lips curled up in a sardonic smile. “That’s not an option.”

“Good, because if you did I might be forced to do something drastic.”

There was a strange edge in Nicky’s voice that made Declan ask, “What would you do, Nicky?” He honestly interested in what he’d reply.

“I don’t know.” Nicky’s shouldered slumped. “I know what I’d like to do, if you really did plan on seeing her again.”

“Jealous, lover?”

“Yes,” Nicky whispered. “I know I’m not supposed to be. I’m supposed to take your occasional forays with women in stride. Laugh them off and be there when you want me to be. But damn it, Declan, not when you’re so blatant about it. And then to lie to me, telling me you’re sick.” He glared at him. “You didn’t think I’d see you take her out to your car did you? I probably wouldn’t have if you’d been a bit faster.”

“Why didn’t you say something then? Why wait until now? Why let it build up in you like you did?”

Nicky ran a hand through his hair. “I was afraid to cause a scene I suppose. Of what I might say if I did.”

“So you waited until now. Silly boy.”

“I’m not a boy; I’m as old as you, almost.” Nicky moved away until the backs of his legs hit the edge of the sofa. Then he sat, looking up at Declan for a long moment before he buried his face in his hands. His voice was muffled as he said, “I almost followed you.”

“What would you have done if you had?”

Nicky looked up at him again. “In the mood I was in, I would have killed her.”

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 15

“Why?” the woman screamed, her voice thick with pain.

“Because you’re like all the other bitches who think they’re better than they ought to be.” Declan drew the blade of the knife across her stomach again, the cut forming an ‘X’ as it crossed the first one. Blood flowed down her naked legs, pooling on the floor beneath her feet.

He stepped back to examine his handiwork, his eyes glittering with hate.

“You’re insane,” she moaned.

“Not really. According to the studies I’m not insane. I know right from wrong. I hide my victims so I won’t be caught. I’m legally sane, thus I am sane. I’m not a loner, far from it, all myths to the contrary. I like people, I like playing with them. I like playing with you.”

He grinned, closing in on her again, weaving his knife in front of her face. She flinched back weakly.

“Eyes, ears, nose, throat, which to start with, which to end with.” He drew the blade lightly down her cheek to the corner of her mouth. “Silly blonde bitches, always talking, always looking down on everyone as if they were worthless, stupid, well you get the picture.”

She screamed one last time when he cut out her tongue.

“Now you can’t talk.” Slowly he began removing other parts of her body, telling her what she wouldn’t be able to do as a result. She didn’t hear him. She was dead by then.

When he’d finished he moved away. “Someday mother, it will be you hanging here, keeping company with the others. When I’ve perfected my skills.”

He picked up his tools and left the mineshaft, shivering in the cold night air as he went to rinse the blood from them and his body in the stream. Then he returned, dressed, and left, walking the mile down through the dark forest to where he had hidden his car.

He arrived home to find Nicky sitting on the steps to his apartment building.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 14

“What do you want to drink?” Nicky asked.

Declan appeared to consider the question. “You know, I think I’ll just stick to water with a twist. I’m in the mood to dance, not get wasted.” Of course he couldn’t afford to drink, not with what he had planned for later.

“Water it is, but I’m going to have a beer.”

“Go for it.” Declan kept on surveying the crowded dance floor. When Nicky handed him his water he drank some then set the glass down on the bar. “Dance with me,” he said, holding out his hand to Nicky.

“You’re sure? You were eyeing some of those women with a lot of interest.” Nicky was more than aware Declan’s tastes went both ways and he accepted it. After all in the end his lover always left a club with him, not to some female.

“Yes I’m sure. Come on.” He put an arm around Nicky’s waist, urging him toward the dance floor. Not that he had to try too hard as Nicky was a more than willing partner.

It took an hour but Declan finally narrowed down his selection to one woman in particular. Now he just had to get her outside to his car and then get rid of Nicky without his being hurt or suspicious.

The first part was easy enough. He asked her to dance. She seemed disinterested until he let her know he had access to some very good drugs, if she was interested. Her eyes lit up hungrily. Once they were dancing he waited until Nicky headed to the men’s room then told her they were in his car, which was parked right by the back door of the club. It took her a moment to debate going out there with him versus not getting her hands on what he was offering. The drugs won; especially when he pointed out he was parked right under the backdoor light so she’d be perfectly safe.

When they got to the car he suggested they use that back seat as it would be easier to hide what they were doing. She slid in, he followed. Before she could react his arm was around her throat. When she was unconscious he pushed her body onto the floor between the back and front seat. Then he hurried back into the club.

Nicky was seated back at the bar by then, talking to a couple of friends. Declan paused just out of view, rubbing his eyes hard, before joining him. “I feel like hell,” he muttered.

“Oh man, what’s wrong?”

“Stomach cramps. I think…” He pressed his hand to his stomach. “We had shrimp at lunch. I think maybe it was off.”

“Come on, I’ll drive you home.”

Declan shook his head. “I hate to ruin your night. I can drive, if I take it slow.” When Nicky started to protest Declan told him firmly. “Honest. I just need to get home. It’s not that far.” He smiled wanly. “Stay please. Don’t make me fell guilty on top of feeling sick.”

“You’re sure.”

“Yes, lover. Honest.” Declan replied, giving him a weak hug. “Stay and have fun for both of us.” Without waiting for a reply he moved slowly back toward the exit to the club. When he reached the car he checked to make certain the woman was still unconscious. Then, moving quickly just in case Nicky changed his mind and came out to help him, he got in and drove out of the lot.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Like Father, Like Son - 13

“Damn, Nicky, you should have been there.” Declan said Sunday evening with an exaggerated roll of his eyes. “She was a carbon copy of my mother.”

Nicky laughed, wrapping Declan in his arms. “My poor babe.”

Declan leaned back to look at him. “I’ll ‘poor babe’ you. I really, really hate Sundays any more.”

“I can see why. Tell you what, it’s early still so do you want to go to one of the clubs?”

“As long as it doesn’t have ‘country’ in the name, you bet. Let me go home and change into something comfortable while you decide which one and I’ll meet you there. I assume you get off at the usual time.”

“In half an hour, if you want to wait.”

Declan shook his head. “I really, really have to get out of this suit.”

“I understand.” Nicky pushed back the curtain on the small dressing room, waiting for Declan to step out into the shop. He chuckled when his lover stopped momentarily on his way out to finger a tie. “That one’s on sale at the moment,” he said, reverting to salesman mode.

“I’ll think about it.” Checking to be certain no one was watching he swatted Nicky’s ass, whispering, “A matched pair to tie you up with.” When Nicky gasped softly Declan grinned then left the shop.

An hour later he was heading toward the club Nicky had chosen. He wore jeans and a black turtleneck under a denim jacket. In the trunk of the car was his backpack, his knife stashed in it for the time being along with the rest of what he needed for later. Somehow he doubted they’d let him into the club with a blade sheathed at his waist.

When he got there he pulled into the club’s lot. He smiled when someone backed out of a parking space right next to the rear entrance and grabbed the spot before anyone else could.

As he strolled into the club, Declan called Nicky to see if he was there yet. Nicky said he would be in about ten minutes which worked for Declan. It would give him time to check out the girls and maybe find one who would fit his parameters. If not right now, he was sure with the whole evening ahead of him one would come in eventually.

One had better 

After spending half the afternoon with his mother and her friends, trying to avoid her efforts to get him to ask the couple’s daughter out  on a date, he was tense, the all too familiar rage waiting to break free.

He saw three women almost immediately who fit the criteria; blonde, dressed in the height of club wear fashion, pointedly ignoring any man not similarly attired who tried to get them to dance.

“Bitches,” Declan muttered under his breath.

“Which ones?”

Declan spun around then smiled at Nicky. “You made it.”

“Well duh. It was my idea in the first place.” 


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