Sunday, February 27, 2011

A glance at an untitled WIP - Chapter 1

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they wonder if they’ve made the right choices. Glenn was at that point as he rested his hands on the railing of the catwalk high above the stage. He had everything planned down the nth degree, as always. The AR-7 rested between his legs, scope attached. He could make his way from where he stood to the exit he needed even in the dark. He knew this because he’d practiced it several times over the last two days. One of the advantages of being on the backstage crew was the freedom of movement it gave him to roam the theater at will.

While he watched the show in progress, waiting for the moment when it was time to put his plan into action, part of his mind was lamenting the fact that, as always, he would be on a plane heading off to nowhere as soon as he was finished. Such was his life, one anonymous hotel room after another, no place to call home, no one to go home to even if he had had one.

“Maybe it’s time to find a new profession,” he murmured under his breath as he picked up the rifle. A fast check told him what he already knew, he was alone on the catwalk and would be for the next ten minutes.

He knelt, resting the rifle against one of the railing bars, peering through the scope to sight in on his target. He had no idea why the woman needed eliminating, and in this particular place, that was none of his business. It was his job to do it successfully, and in his own self-interests not to be caught afterwards.

The actress stood facing the actor playing her husband as they spoke their lines. Glenn knew he had one minute before she moved. He focused in on the top of her head and slowly pulled the trigger, once and then again. When the bullets hit there was a momentary dead silence and then the screams began as she fell to the stage floor.

Even as people rushed to his victim’s side and a few looked up into the fly space trying to locate him, Glenn was disassembling the rifle. He put the parts into the bag as he raced down the catwalk. When he reached the end he paused just long enough to strip off the black jumpsuit he’d been wearing, stuffing it into the bag as well. Now he was in the dark jeans and a navy turtleneck he’d worn when he came to work earlier that evening.

Slinging the bag over his shoulder, he made his way up the ladder at the end of the catwalk to the grid at the top of the theater’s fly space. He knew he was virtually invisible from below but was taking no chances, especially when he heard the sound of feet coming up the ladder from the backstage area to the lighting grid. Obviously at least one crew member was willing to take the chance that they could find him before he got away.

Just ahead of him now, at the top of a final short ladder, was the emergency exit he needed. He had already disabled the alarm so he didn’t have to worry about it as he pushed the trapdoor open and leapt onto the slanted roof. The roof was still slick from an earlier rain shower so he was doubly careful as he made his way to edge and then over it to the fire escape. Before he started down he checked to make certain the alley was vacant of any observers, including any transients who might have sought shelter in one of the doorways. With no one in sight he sped down, jumping the last few feet to the pavement.

Then he strolled casually towards the street, stopping long enough to light a cigarette. When he reached the end of the alley he smiled tightly as two patrol cars came to a screeching stop in front of the theater. He turned in the opposite direction and was soon just another pedestrian out for a night on the town.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I was interviewed at Novel Sisterhood

One of my best friends and the woman who has taught me a hell of a lot about a lot of things -grinning- has interviewed me at Novel Sisterhood. Thanks for everything, Hales.

You can find it at

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shadows (Another short read)

He stood in the darkness at the window, watching.

The light silhouetted the woman as she stretched and then pulled off
her top. She ran her hands over her breasts for a moment, the angle
of the light accenting their fullness.

He began to stroke himself, licking his lips in anticipation.

Slowly she pushed her slacks down, bending to finish removing them
before her shadow moved out of view. It came back moments later. She
had something in one hand. With her other hand she released her long
hair from it bindings.

He watched as her hair flowed down, covering her shoulders.

Lifting one foot onto the shadow chair she began to brush her hair,
throwing an enticing outline of her long, lithe body on the curtain
that covered her window.

He hardened even more, imagining. Then he growled.

The shadow of a male appeared behind the woman. The man reached out,
taking the brush from her, tossing it away. Then his arms went around
her, hands cupping her breasts.

Who was this interloper that was intruding on his fantasies?

The woman's form turned, pressing against the man as they kissed. The
man's hands slid down her back to grasp her marvelously rounded ass.

He began stroking himself again, so hard he ached.

Soon the man pulled away from the woman. The shadow of his fingers
traced the over her lips. Then the man knelt in front of her.

He knew what the man was doing. He imagined her taste.

The woman's hands grasped the man's head as she arched back, her hips
moving in obvious rhythm to the strokes of his tongue. After a small
eternity the man leaned back looking up at her.

"Don't stop," he whispered, watching the silhouettes, his hand
pumping his engorged shaft.

The shadow of the man stood, his erection obvious. The woman grasped
it with one hand, using the other one to cup his balls for a moment.
Then she sank to her knees, taking the man into her mouth.

His hand moved faster. He groaned as he watched the shadows, wanting
it to be him that she was sucking.

The woman stopped, looking up at the man. He bent, helping her to
stand before turning the chair so that she could grasp the back. The
outline of his hands stroked her buttocks before he moved away, out
of view. He returned seconds later, rubbing his thick shaft. Then the
man placed one hand on her hip, holding himself with the other one.

He watched, biting hard on his lower lip to keep from coming then and

The woman's shadow bent forward to accept the man's erection. It slid
slowly into her waiting ass until their two silhouettes became one.
The man's hands slid around her and she took one, guiding the
extended fingers inside her.

He groaned, aching with need, pumping himself in time to their moving

The coupled man and woman rode each other in silhouette until their
orgasms hit and they arched against each other, mouths open in primal
screams of pleasure.

He joined them, shouting out his release.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And four to go.

Taking the man's shaft in one hand the friend stroked it while cupping his balls with her other hand.

The man groaned, pain and pleasure mixing in his body.

The newcomer continued to ride the man, his balls slapping against the man's ass with each thrust in.

Slowly the pain itself became pleasure for the man. He relished it, moving to meet each thrust from the newcomer because as he did so his cock rode the friend's hand which was wrapped tightly around it.

The friend knew he hungered for release. She bent forward, her tongue teasing the tip of his shaft, tasting, licking, intensifying his desire. Then she stopped, moving away from him.

The newcomer thrust in one more time, hard and deep, and then withdrew. He strode to the bed and the women moved, allowing him to settle between them.

The friend straddled him, smiling back over her shoulder at the man as she lowered herself onto the newcomer's engorged shaft. Slowly she rode him until the newcomer grabbed her hips. He flipped her over, still inside of her, and began riding her hard and fast.

The girl watched as she played with herself.

The man sobbed, begging them to give him the release his body so desperately craved.

They laughed as one by one they exploded, crying out their pleasures.

When it was over the friend slipped off the bed, once more moving behind the man, wrapping her hands around his cock, stroking it while he continued to beg.

"This, my dear husband is what happens when you decide to play around," she whispered.

Then she beckoned to the others, and one by one they left the room

Monday, February 7, 2011

Three to get ready......

(OOC warning -  This part will not be everyone's cup of tea. I warned you these were written when I was in a very bad place in my life)

The man heard someone enter the room when the friend opened the door and wondered who.

The girl smiled. "Oh you'll like him, he can be very entertaining," she told the man as she looked past him at the newcomer.

The newcomer bent to kiss the friend, allowing her to stroke him for a moment. "Thank you for inviting me," he said his voice a low rumble. He walked to the bed, moving to the side so that the man could see him.

The man's eyes widened.

The newcomer was tall and broad, his body well muscled. In one hand he held a crop which he flicked lightly against the tall boots that were his only clothing. As he examined the man a cruel smile crossed on his face. "This should be fun," he said walking behind the man.

The man gave a shout of surprise as the crop lashed across his back. He bit down hard on his lower lip not to cry out again as it hit twice, and once more.

The girl was still kneeling on the bed. She licked her lips, a look of hunger in her eyes. She ran a fingernail along the man's cock. "You'll be begging for more pain before he's finished, they always do," she whispered.

"Never," he choked out, struggling against the cuffs, trying to avoid the crop that was now slashing the cheeks of his ass.

"You will." She took his hard shaft in her hand and leaned down to stroke her tongue over the tip.

The man arched towards her, wanting more. Instead he felt her wrap something around the base of his balls and cock.

She laughed. "Not yet, the lessons have hardly begun and there will be no release until they're over, not for you." She backed away into the arms of the friend who was now behind her.

The friend began stoking the girl's clit, watching what was happening in front of them.

The newcomer slid his hands between the man's legs, forcing them apart, and then struck again, the crop biting the insides of his thighs. Then he tossed the crop onto the bed.

The man sighed with relief, and then bit back a shout.

The newcomer chuckled as he inserted a second finger into the man, stretching his hole even more. "He is a virgin," he told the women.

Again the man struggled, trying to pull away.

The newcomer wrapped his arm around the man's waist, whispering in his ear. "You're going to like this, eventually, once the pain goes away."

The man felt the newcomer's hard cock pressing against him for a moment and then it was gone. For a second he thought they had changed their minds, until he felt something cool and oily being rubbed over his hole. Lubricated fingers pushed into him, stretching him even more, and then pulled out.

The newcomer pressed the tip of his engorged member at the entrance of the man's rectum and very slowly thrust in, inch by inch, his hands on the man's hips to hold him still.

The women watched, playing with each other, their eyes alight with excitement as the man moaned in pain.

Suddenly the newcomer drove his huge cock deeply into the man laughing gleefully when the man screamed and tried to pull away. "Now that I like," the newcomer said as he began to ride the man.

The man thought he'd die from the pain. He cried out again and again as the newcomer plunged into him over and over.

The friend continued to stroke the girl, her fingers deep inside of her. "Enjoy his suffering, it will make your pleasure greater," she said, feeling the girl's muscles tightening as she started to come.

The girl watched the man as her orgasm hit, his agony escalating it for her. When she finally came down, still shivering with delight, the friend moved close to the man.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two for the show

He followed the girl to the foot of the bed, stopping when she held up her hand.

The friend stayed where she was for the moment, admiring his body. Then she came forward and took his hands, glancing at the girl.

Nodding, the girl went to open the drawer of the bedside table, taking out two pairs of cuffs. She locked one on each of his wrists, smiling as she did so, and then she lifted one wrist while the friend took the other. Each woman attached the other end of a cuff to the top bar of the canopy bed.

"Do you think he's comfortable?" the friend asked.

"For the moment," the girl answered, looking at his outspread arms.

The man, nodded, testing his restraints and finding they were more secure than he'd expected.

The two women moved on to the bed, looking at each other. The girl ran her tongue over her lips and the friend smiled before tangling her hands in the girl's hair and pulling her close, kissing her passionately.

The man watched and his body responded even more to what he saw.

Slowly the women undressed each other, taking their time, stroking and caressing what was revealed as each item of clothing was shed.

The girl ran her fingers along the edge of the friend's thong, watching the man as she did.

He licked his lips in expectation.

The friend lay back on the bed, arching her hips so the girl could pull the thong down and then spreading her legs, revealing all to the man. Her swollen clit throbbed and her nether lips were shining with moisture.

The girl began to stroke her, eliciting moans of pleasure. Then she slipped her own thong off.

The friend beckoned the girl to her, flicking her tongue invitingly.

The girl turned to straddle the friend, lowering herself until her tongue could lave her. Her hands cupped the friend's breasts and her thumbs stroked the hardened nipples. Slowly she leaned forward, tracing her tongue over the friend's swollen nub.

The friend arched up with a sigh, and then moaned with need as the tongue entered her.

The man watched, his body aching with desire.

The two women continued to make love to each other with tongues and fingers, until they both arched and screamed out their mutual releases.

As the waves of pleasure faded the girl rose and moved to the man, kneeling to pull his head down so she could kiss him.

He tasted the flavor of the friend's juices on the girl's tongue and shivered with need to savor the source.

The girl smiled, moving away to sit beside her lover. "Shall we?" she asked.

The friend cocked her head, looking at the man. "Perhaps, perhaps not." She slipped off the bed, going to stand behind the man, pressing her body against him as she wrapped one hand around his swollen cock.

The girl slid closer to him, again raking her nails down his chest.

He drew in a sharp breath.

The girl grinned. "I wonder…"

"Umm?" the friend murmured, her hand still wrapped around his shaft.

"If he's a virgin?"

"Well hardly, unless you mean…" The friend released the man, stepping back, running one finger up to his puckered hole, smiling.

He tried to move away from the probing finger.

The girl had pressed herself against him, holding him there. "I think he is. I imagine there are many things he's never experienced, poor man. I do believe he needs some lessons."

The friend chuckled. "I know just the person to give them to him." She turned away, going to the door and opening it.

Small announcement

Well, a big one actually -grinning- I just signed a contract for my second book, 'Lies and Misunderstandings', with Silver Publishing. - E.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

One for the money...

((A BDSM story in four parts))

The girl watched the dancers, smiling slightly. They looked so happy, all of them. She leaned back against the wall, waiting. Soon it would be her turn.

The man stopped, looking down at the woman in his arms. "That was very nice. Thank you." He escorted her to the edge of the dance floor and walked away, looking.

A shadow crossed over the girl. She glanced up into deep green eyes and held out her hand.

They danced the rest of the evening together. At first as strangers, then as friends, then as two who wanted each other. As the last song ended he looked down at her.

"Does it end here?"


She slipped her hand into his, letting him lead her out of the building.

"Where would you like to go?" he asked.

She told him.

He nodded, leading her to his car.

As they drove off she laid her hand on his thigh, enjoying the feel of his taut muscles.

He took her hand, moving it so that she knew of his need for her and she stroked him, smiling.

"Soon," she whispered.

When they arrived he came around to open her door, and escorted her up the stairs to the front door.

Inside, he tilted her chin to kiss her.

"No, not yet, my friend isn't here yet."

"Your friend?"

"You'll see, soon." She took his hand, leading him to the stairway. "You'll like her."

As they started up he head a door open and turned.

"Hello lover," the friend said.

"What? Why are you here?"

"To have some fun." She walked to the girl and kissed her, and then turned, kissing the man. Taking both their hands she guided them the rest of the way to the bedroom.

His heart beat faster, his desire doubled, as he realized what was in store for him.

The girl put her hands on his shoulders. "Now I kiss you." She did, her tongue first tracing over his lips, tasting them, and then slipping between them, probing.

He put his hands on her hips, pulling her closer, deepening the kiss.

The friend moved behind him, slipping her hand between his body and the girl's, stroking the hardness of him.

He groaned, anticipating.

The girl broke the kiss, stepping back with a smile. "You are too covered, we should do something about that." She looked over at the friend. "Shouldn't we?"

The friend said nothing but leaned against the man's back, her hands sliding up to his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

The girl watched, and when the shirt slipped off him she traced one finger nail over his nipple, eliciting a hiss from him. She bit her lip as she raked her long nails down his chest, watching his eyes open in surprise.

"You liked that, I know you did."

The friend whispered to him. "She loves to leave her mark, but you'll find you like it, eventually."

"Still too over dressed," the girl said as she slid the zipper on his slacks down, freeing his rigid shaft, then pushing them down over his hips, watching as they slid down his strongly muscled legs. "Come," she said, moving to the foot of the bed, beckoning him to follow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A short story - 'Submission'

I don't usually do BDSM stories. However on occasion, when I'm in a particularly strange, usually foul, mood I'll come up with one. 'Submission' is the first. - E.



"What do you want from me?" she whimpered, looking at the bonds that held her.

"You complete and utter submission to my will," he answered with a sneer. "You dared to disobey me."

She hung her head whispering, "I love him."

"That doesn't matter, I want him. You were told to bring him to me." He looked around the room. "I don't see him here."

The whip descended, biting into her back and she moaned.

"When I'm finished you will disgust him. Do you think he'll want a woman who needs this," the whip descended again, "before she can be satisfied?"

"No," she sobbed, sickened as she felt her body begin to respond after only two strokes.

It has always been like this, her need for what he gave her. She watched as he came to stand in front of her, refusing to look away even as she knew she should keep her head bowed in submission. He smiled, tapping her chin with the handle of the whip.

"You have become defiant because of this man."

The handle moved lower, tracing small circles around her taut nipples before he reversed his hold on the whip, flicking it so that it bit into them. She cried out in pain at the same time that she arched her back so that her breasts reached towards him in need for what he was giving her.

He laughed, a bitter sound, and flicked the whip again. "Why do you force me to do this? I had one small request, invite him to join us. Let him see what you are, what you desire. Let him become a participant in our games or turn away and leave you."

"He would rather die than join us."

"Are you so sure?" He stepped forward, cupping her breasts in his hands, rolling the nipples between his fingers until she was moaning from pain and pleasure. "How could a man resist seeing his woman desire what he can give her?"

"Not this, he'd never want to do this to me, he loves me." She looked down, watching his hands on her.

He chuckled. "I love you too and yet I do this, willingly, and you accept it, willingly."

His hands moved lower, stroking, caressing until they reached her center. "Spread you legs for me," he ordered and she did, moaning as his fingers rubbed over her clit, knowing what came next and hating herself for needing it. The whip flicked again and once more, biting into her tenderness and she cried out.

"Interesting, " a voice said from behind her. "I would never have thought to do that."

Two arms reached around her, hands covering her breasts, squeezing, and lips kissed the back of her neck.

"My little innocent, my small flower who wanted only to be caressed and gently teased into desire has another side."

The man in front of her smiled, cupping her face in his hands so that she had to look at him. "You would not ask him so I did." He bent, kissing her, forcing his tongue between now unwilling lips.

She tried to pull away but another hand tangled into her hair, holding her there. Another voice told her, "Submit to us."

And she did.