Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

I'm not terribly good with words except when I'm writing so I'm resorting to videos for this.
And yes I'm getting somewhat 'political', for which I do not apologize.

Bing Crosby & David Bowie - Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy 1977

Peace on Earth is a 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon short subject directed by Hugh Harman, about a post-apocalyptic world populated by animals.

My Grown Up Christmas List

May there be peace and earth, and homes and love for all those who are without from this day forward.

Happy Holidays to one and all

Friday, December 9, 2011

Secretary Clinton's Historic Speech on LGBT Human Rights - "Gay rights are human rights"

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s address before the United Nations in Geneva will be remembered by history, with the Secretary of State unabashedly arguing to the world that LGBT rights are human rights.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Barber's Speech (Charlie Chaplin) from 'The Great Dictator'

I'd never heard this before. In fact I'll admit to never having seen the movie. It is a great speech which I think is very apropos for our times. You can find the scene from the movie on YouTube

* * * * * 

I'm sorry, but I don't want to be an emperor. That's not my business. I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone, if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other's happiness — not by each other's misery. We don't want to hate and despise one another.
In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men's souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.
The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men, cries out for universal brotherhood, for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world — millions of despairing men, women and little children — victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me, I say — do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed — the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people and so long as men die, liberty will never perish.
Soldiers! Don't give yourselves to brutes — men who despise you — enslave you — who regiment your lives — tell you what to do — what to think or what to feel! Who drill you, diet you, treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder. Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men — machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men! You have the love of humanity in your hearts. You don't hate! Only the unloved hate — the unloved and the unnatural!
Soldiers! Don't fight for slavery! Fight for liberty! In the 17th Chapter of St. Luke it is written: "the Kingdom of God is within man" — not one man nor a group of men, but in all men! In you! You, the people have the power — the power to create machines. The power to create happiness! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.
Then, in the name of democracy, let us use that power! Let us all unite! Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give youth the future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power, but they lie! They do not fulfill their promise; they never will. Dictators free themselves, but they enslave the people! Now, let us fight to fulfill that promise! Let us fight to free the world, to do away with national barriers, to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men's happiness.
Soldiers! In the name of democracy, let us all unite!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silver Publishing Christmas Web Hunt

Christmas comes early this year!!!

During the month of December, SP will be holding an author web hunt. From December 1-17th, participating SP authors will display a Web Hunt graphic somewhere hidden on their site containing a web hunt unique word. Participants in the web hunt are required to search the various SP author sites to locate the total hidden words and submit their entry at the SP Reader’s Forum. All words must be included in order to validate the contest entry.
Sample Image
Winners will be announced on the SP Website on December 19th. For more information go to You must join the Reader’s Forum in order to participate.

Grand Prize:
iPad 2
$500 Gift Voucher (Readers choice of ANY retail or ebook store)
SP Promotional Items: 2 T-Shirts, 4 Mugs, Mousepad, 2 Sweatshirts, 1 Totebag and 1 Notepad

2nd Place:
B&N Nook Color
$150 Gift Voucher (Readers choice of ANY retail or ebook store)
SP Promotional Items: 2 T-Shirts, 4 Mugs, Mousepad, 2 Sweatshirts, 1 Totebag and 1 Notepad

3rd Place:
NEW Kindle Fire
$50 Gift Voucher (Readers choice of ANY retail or ebook store)
SP Promotional Items: 2 T-Shirts, 4 Mugs, Mousepad, 2 Sweatshirts, 1 Totebag and 1 Notepad

Mystery Raffle - Surprise Gift!
We will hide a few words in our SP Forum. Participants who find these bonus mystery words will be eligible to participate in a Surprise Gift raffle.

Have fun and good luck!!! - E.

Monday, November 21, 2011


I've signed two contracts with Silver Publishing in the last 24 hours. One for the third book in the 'Phoenix Rising' series. The other for a stand-alone story. 

I am way past stoked and trying to regain my composure now.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Accidental Alpha #15 by Amber Kell

Accidental Alpha #15

After filling out forms for the police and calling his insurance company it didn’t take much effort to finagle a dinner invitation from his mother.
“Is it all right if I bring a friend?” he asked her on the phone.
“Of course, dear I’d love to meet your friend.” She said in a delighted tone. “Come early and we can chat.”
“Oh I’d love to have a chat with you and father.” Stanley smiled as he hung up the phone.
“Is it just me or are you enjoying this too much?” Fenris asked.
“It’s you. After the day I had, I’m enjoying this just right.”
Fenris laughed.
“Come on Fenris, let’s go have dinner with the parents.”
“Are you an only child?” Fenris asked.
Stanley nodded. “After they adopted me my mother said I was enough.”
“Hmmm,” Fenris said. “I’m thinking your mother is a wise woman.”
Stanley hooked an arm through Fenris and walked him out of the mess that was his place.
The drive to his parents’ house only took a few minutes but he could feel Fenris’ nerves ratcheting up as they pulled through the mansion gates. “Relax, hon, they aren’t monsters, well at least mom isn’t I make no promises about a guy you call the Overseer. What does that mean anyway?”
Fenris shrugged. “You’ll get more information talking to your dad.”
Stanley smirked. “Yeah, he’s a fount of information.”
Laughter filled the vehicle. “I don’t know all the details but there is one per big city. They are born hunters who have the natural skills to kill rapid wolves.”
“So are they like in charge of you.” Stanley pulled up and parked in front of the house as he waited for Fenris’ response.
“No! They are sort of like supernatural cops. They can’t kill unless there are documented problems. That attack by Sebastian will be sent to the proper authorities. Though he’ll probably only be fined it will go against other behavior issues.”
“Good.” Stanley turned off the engine. “Let’s go have dinner.”
The door opened as they approached. Stanley leaned forward and kissed the housekeeper on the cheek. “Evening LeeAnn.”
“Stanley.” The housekeeper’s dark eyes sparkled as she looked Fenris over. “Your mother said you were bringing a friend.”
“This is Fenris.” He wrapped an arm around the other man and brought him forward. “Fenris this is LeeAnn. She’s worked for the family since I was a little boy.”
“Nice to meet you.” Fenris took one careworn hand and kissed the back of her fingers. “You’ve done an excellent job helping to raise Stanley.”
LeeAnn blushed. “I’ve always thought so. Come in you two. Your father brought a friend also.”
Fenris’ head snapped up, his nose twitching. “Sebastion,” he growled.
“Yes,” LeeAnn said with a smile. “That’s his name.”
Stanley felt his stomach flip. “This should be interesting. Let’s go say hello to mother first.”
“There he is,” his father’s voice boomed across the foyer. Standing next to him was a striking blond. Six foot tall with rippling muscles. The smug expression on his face sent Stanley’s blood boiling. “Stanley this is Sebastian.”
“Just the man I wanted to meet,” Stanley said. Marching over to blond, he reared back and slammed his fist into Sebastian’s face.
Sebastian’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and he toppled over with a satisfying thud.
Stanley turned to his father. “Any more surprises tonight?”
To give him credit his father looked calmly at his unconscious guest before turning back to Stanley. “No I think that’s about it.”

           For the previous fourteen chapters go here and click on the links:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review - 'Hitman's Creed'

'Hitman's Creed' received a very nice review from Coffee Time Romance. 

In part she said:
"If you enjoy sweet romances with a lot of action, adventure and angst, this is the book for you!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Senator Gretchen Whitmer Responds to Pro-Bullying Legislation

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer responded to Republicans gutting an anti-bullying bill by inserting language that specifically allows bullying to occur based on religious or moral reasons. This legislation is a step backwards rather than forward in protecting Michigan's students in the classroom.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'The Beast Within' is coming out.

'The Beast Within'
comes out this Saturday, Oct. 22nd

A cannibalistic serial killer targeting gay men is on the loose. 

Devin, who has become increasingly erratic in the last two months, just split up with Gary, his lover of three years. Vanni, a habitué of the gay clubs, makes extra spending money on his knees in the club johns. Is one of these men the killer? Or will one of them instead become the killer's next target?

Detective Hollis Robbins is in charge of the case. He intends to stop the killer, if he can. 

When the killer strikes again the four men's lives intertwine as the search for the murderer intensifies. Will the attraction that two of them begin to feel for each other survive the hunt? Do they have the strength to continue on after tragedy strikes and teaches them that love can be bittersweet?

"Hey, where you headed now?"
Gary looked over his shoulder and gave a hint of a smile. "Nowhere, everywhere. Hell if I know. Just away from here."
"Come on, Gary, it's not so bad." Devin walked quickly toward him, hand held out. "Stick around and unwind."
Gary glanced down at the hand then up at Devin again. "Dance? That does nothing for me."
"So we do something else." Devin let his hand drop down to his side again. He was tempted to just turn and go back to the dance floor. To find someone else and sate his need to wipe away the last month. But… He bit his lip. "Come on, just one dance?"
"What would that accomplish? It's over, done, finito. No more games, Devin. You've changed and it's… not working anymore." With that said, Gary walked quickly out of the club.
Devin watched him go and felt empty inside. When someone touched his shoulder he spun around then smiled bitterly. "If you're here to watch the meltdown it's not happening."
Vanni chuckled softly. "Of course it's not. He's not worth it. Come, let me help you forget him." He held out his hand and Devin took it.
The lights, the mass of humanity on the dance floor, the throb of the music, all began to work their magic and soon Devin was lost in a world beyond reality. Faces spun by until they blurred into one, known and unfamiliar at the same moment. Hot bodies, lathered in sweat, glistened eerily under the flashing lights as they moved chaotically to the sounds of frenetic instruments.
Vanni held him tightly while he wove an erotic spell around Devin that only heightened the other sensations. Desire swelled within him just as his cock swelled beneath the tightness of his jeans. He needed… he needed…
"No!" Devin broke free, his eyes wild. They glistened green and red and gold as the multi-colored pulsating beams flashed over them.
"Devin!" Vanni said sharply.
"I can't… I need…" Devin spun around to thread his way erratically through the whirling bodies to the door. As he got to the door he glanced back to see Vanni watching him, his face devoid of emotion before he turned away.
Probably looking for the next man willing to dance with him, Devin thought in disgust.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Favorite Things by DC Juris

Hi folks! DC Juris here. I'll be your guest host for today. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a transgender fella who writes GLBTQ and heterosexual romance, but mostly m/m.

Today, I wanted to talk about things that make me smile. They're not big things, and maybe some of them are kooky, but they're my sanity savers.

Touching soft fabrics in a store. I admit it – I can't walk down a blanket aisle without touching all the blankets. I grin like an idiot when my fingers brush chenille or velvet, and fleece makes me giggle.

The dark of the sky and the gusts of the wind before a storm. There is something magical there, sitting with the fury of nature, the expectation of what's to come sizzling on your skin.

Rainbows. Yeah, I get the science behind them, but to me, they're magic. I can't tell you how many times Hubby has indulged me by driving around trying to find the end, or the best spot to get a picture. And the first time I saw a double rainbow, I freaked out just as much as the YouTube guy. LOL (If you don't get the reference, head over to YouTube and search for "double rainbow guy original". Totally worth it.)

Certain animals, like turtles, butterflies, snails, and ladybugs. My mother used to say that if you found a ladybug on the hem of your dress, you'd have good luck. I didn't wear dresses all that often, but I love these little bugs.

Garden gnomes. Who doesn’t love garden gnomes? They're so happy and whimsical. I'd have a whole herd of them if I had space.

Mushrooms. Real ones, fake ones – I just love mushrooms. At one point in our old house, my entire kitchen was done in retro mushrooms. Nowadays it's a little more toned down, but my current décor does include a collection of mushroom postage stamps from around the world, which Hubby mounted and framed for me.

But enough about my favorite things - what are yours?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Quiz for Bright People

A friend sent this to me, and I'm posting it just for the fun of it.

There are only nine questions. 
This is a quiz for people who know everything! 
I found out in a hurry that I didn't. These are not trick questions. 
They are straight questions with straight answers.. 

1. Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends.

2. What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward? 

3 Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. What are the only two perennial vegetables? 

4. What fruit has its seeds on the outside?

5. In many liquor stores, you can buy pear brandy, with a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the bottle is genuine; it hasn't been cut in any way. How did the pear get inside the bottle? 

6. Only three words in standard English begin with the letters ' dw' and they are all common words. Name two of them.

7. There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar. Can you name at least half of them?

8. Name the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form except fresh.

9. Name 6 or more things that you can wear on your feet beginning with the letter 'S.'

Answers To Quiz: 
1. The one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends:

2. North American landmark constantly moving backward:
Niagara Falls .. The rim is worn down about two and a half feet each year because of the millions of gallons of water that rush over it every minute.
3. Only two vegetables that can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons: 
Asparagus and rhubarb. 

4. The fruit with its seeds on the outside: 

5. How did the pear get inside the brandy bottle? 
It grew inside the bottle. The bottles are placed over pear buds when they are small, and are wired in place on the tree. The bottle is left in place for the entire growing season. When the pears are ripe, they are snipped off at the stems. 
6. Three English words beginning with dw: 
Dwarf, dwell and dwindle... 

7. Fourteen punctuation marks in English grammar: 
Period, comma, colon, semicolon, dash, hyphen, apostrophe, question mark, exclamation point, quotation mark, brackets, parenthesis, braces, and ellipses. 
8. The only vegetable or fruit never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form but fresh: 

9. Six or more things you can wear on your feet beginning with 'S': 
Shoes, socks, sandals, sneakers, slippers, skis, skates, snowshoes, stockings, stilts.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Hitman strikes tomorrow. Are you prepared?

'Hitman's Creed'

Arrives tomorrow, September 10th, from Silver Publishing 

Two men:
Glenn Tanner, a thirty-four year old hitman who wants to disappear and start a new life.
Joey Fairburn, a twenty-one year old Criminal Justice student studying to become a cop.

One problem in common:
Joey's father, an escaped killer, is on his way to the small town where Joey and his mother live, and where Glenn has finally settled down. Only time will tell if Glenn and Joey, so disparate in both age and backgrounds, will be able to find a common bond to unite them in an attempt to stop the killer from murdering Joey's mother, and in the process perhaps find love.



There comes a point in everyone's life when they wonder if they've made the right choices. Glenn was at that point as he rested his hands on the railing of the catwalk high above the stage. He had everything planned down to the nth degree, as always. The AR-7 rested between his legs, scope attached. He could make his way from where he stood to the exit he needed even in the dark. He knew this because he'd practiced it several times over the last two days. One of the advantages of being on the backstage crew was the freedom of movement it gave him. Freedom to roam the theater at will.

While he watched the show in progress, waiting for the moment when it was time to put his plan into action, part of his mind was lamenting the fact that, as always, he would be on a plane heading off to nowhere as soon as he was finished. Such was his life, one anonymous hotel room after another, no place to call home, no one to go home to even if he had one.

"Maybe it's time to find a new profession," he murmured under his breath.

The sound of laughter from the audience broke his train of thought, bringing him back to the present. He brushed his hand through his hair, which was at the moment dark, the natural gray streaks at his temples invisible thanks to his expertise at dying it to suit whatever role he was playing while on the job. Then instinctively he ran a finger over his upper lip to smooth his mustache. It was no longer there, gone to make him look younger than his thirty-four plus years. 'I'm getting too old for the game,' he thought yet again as he had too often recently.

He heard the actress speak the lines which told him it was almost time and picked up the rifle. A fast check around him told him what he already knew. He was alone on the catwalk.

He knelt, resting the rifle against one of the railing bars. A flash of movement caught his attention momentarily; a young actress was pacing nervously in the wings, awaiting her cue to enter. Ignoring her he calmly stared through the scope to sight in on his target. He had no idea why the woman he was looking at needed eliminating, or in this particular place. That was none of his business. It was his job to do it successfully, and in his own self-interests not to be caught afterwards.

The actress stood facing the actor playing her husband as they spoke their lines, her hands resting on his shoulders, the only two on stage at the moment. Glenn knew he had only a minute before she moved. He focused in on the top of her head and slowly pulled the trigger, once and then again. When the bullets tore through her skull there was a moment of dead silence and then the screams began as she fell to the stage floor.

Even as people rushed to his victim's side a few of the stagehands paused to look up into the fly space trying to locate him. By then Glenn was disassembling the rifle. He put the parts into the bag at his feet, picked it up, and raced down the dark catwalk. When he reached the end, he paused just long enough to strip off the black jumpsuit he'd been wearing, stuffing it into the bag as well. Now he was in the dark jeans and a navy turtleneck he'd worn when he came to work earlier that evening.

Slinging the bag over his shoulder, Glenn made his way up the ladder at the end of the catwalk to the grid at the top of the theater's fly space, his crepe-soled shoes making no sounds on the metal rungs. He knew he was virtually invisible from below but was taking no chances, especially when he heard the sound of feet coming up a ladder from the backstage area to the lighting grid. Obviously at least one crew member was willing to take the chance that they could find him before he got away.

Just ahead of him now, at the top of a final short ladder, was the emergency exit he needed. He'd already disabled the alarm so there would be no worry it would go off and alert anyone as to his exact whereabouts. He pushed the trapdoor open and leapt onto the slanted roof. It was still slick from an earlier rain shower so Glenn was doubly careful as he made his way to the edge and then over it to the fire escape. Before he started down he checked to make certain the alley was vacant of any observers, including transients who might have sought shelter in one of the doorways. With no one in sight he sped down, jumping silently the last few feet to the pavement.

Then he strolled casually toward the street, stopping long enough to light a cigarette, the brief glow of the lighter reflecting off his deadly serious hazel eyes. When Glenn reached the end of the alley he smiled tightly when he heard the blare of sirens then saw two patrol cars come to a screeching stop in front of the theater. He turned in the opposite direction and was soon just another pedestrian out for a night on the town.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Writer and the Ghosts - 18

“I suppose we should get back to the party,” Linc suggested. He glanced out the window. “It’s stopped raining and they’re probably wondering where we are by now.”

“Probably should.”

“Yeah.” Linc started towards the door.

“Can I ask something first?”


Tom hesitated, staring down at the floor. “If I…could we go out to dinner sometime maybe?”

Linc shrugged. “As friends?”

With a nod Tom said, “Yeah, as friends.”

“I guess so. Sure.” Linc opened the door, waited for Tom to go into the hall, then closed the door behind them and they headed back to the party.

* * * *

“Well, it’s a start,” Giorgio said as he and Damian reappeared in Linc’s bedroom.

“Agreed. And we’re staying out of it from now on. Whatever happens, happens. It’s up to them.”

“But Damian,” Giorgio whined.

“Don’t ‘But Damian’ me.” He grinned. “You know I’m right, I always am.”

Giorgio rolled his eyes but didn’t argue. Instead he wrapped his arms around his lover and murmured against his lips, “There’s a very comfortable looking bed in here. I doubt Linc’s going to be back for a while. So how about we..?”

“I could be persuaded.”

It didn’t take much persuasion, and Giorgio was correct, they had more than enough time. But then when it came right down to it they always did. They weren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

The End

* * * * * *
Coming next: 'Eye of the Beholder' 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Writer and the Ghosts - 17

Giorgio smiled slowly as he got what Tom was implying. “How about one chance in three?”

“Close enough,” Tom replied. “That doesn’t mean I’m available.”

“Well damn,” Giorgio muttered in disgust.

Tom turned to look at Linc who was watching him as if he’d grown a second head. “What?”

“You! You let me rant on about how there’s nothing wrong with being gay, defending myself and…and all…and you are too. That’s just wrong.”

“Yeah it was but I’m still coming to terms with it so I wasn’t about to say anything. I’m sorry, it was wrong of me.”

“So no one knows?”

“My family does, and they’re surprisingly supportive, and my ex girlfriend does.” Tom smiled wryly. “She wasn’t nearly as supportive but she promised not to tell anyone. How many people know you’re gay?”

“My folks, my publisher, I suspect anyone who really reads my books and sees what they have to say beyond the horror part of them. Apparently you didn’t because you thought I was just a straight guy trying to prove something.

“Honest truth, I read them for the story. Yeah like I said earlier you did a good job with the characters but that wasn’t why I picked the books up.”

Giorgio broke in, saying, “All right can you two stop talking great literature so we can get back to the problem at hand.”

“I don’t see any problem,” Linc replied. “He’s gay but he’s not available. Back to square one in your plans to get me to become more sociable.”

“Anyone mind if I whap him?” Giorgio asked, glaring at Linc.

“Hey, why me?” Linc held up his hands defensively.

“Because you need someone to smack some common sense into that hard head of yours.”

“Come on, how much damage can a ghost do?” Tom said, then he jumped and ducked when a book barely missed his head. “You’re a poltergeist too?”

“Do I look like a ten-year-old?” Giorgio growled.

“No, you look like a sexy man who should learn to leave well enough alone,” Damian told him, giving him a hug and a kiss on the temple.

“But, but…”

Damian went for the obvious. “And a very nice butt it is too.”

“You are such an ass.”

Instead of replying Damian kissed Giorgio. Suddenly they were gone.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Writer and the Ghosts - 16

“You’re taking this all rather well,” Linc commented.

Tom shrugged. “I suppose so, strangely enough. I grew up hearing all the stories about this place being haunted. I even snuck in here a time or two trying to see if it really was. Not that it did any good.”

“We’re not exactly ready to welcome people with open arms and feed them tea and crumpets,” Damian said as he materialized, followed moments late by Giorgio.

“So you chase them away.” Tom looked the two ghosts over with obvious interest. “Why?”

“We don’t chase them away, well not intentionally,” Damian replied. “It’s just that Giorgio here is a romantic matchmaker. He wants everyone happily mated. Unfortunately he’s rather crude in his tactics.”

“I am not!” Giorgio grumbled. “I just use what I have at hand to try to throw a couple into each others arms.”

“He scares the hell out of one of them, usually the girl, then hopes she’ll go running to the guy for protection.”

“That works?” Tom asked.

“Well…not really,” Giorgio admitted somewhat sheepishly.

Tom tapped his fingers on his thigh. Then he grinned, looking at Linc and said to the ghosts. “He’s you next victim. Who were you planning on frightening so he could rescue them?”

Giorgio smiled wickedly. “Now that’s an interesting question. Neither of the girls. We were thinking, hoping one of you young men would scare easily.” He grinned and shouted, “Boo” at Tom.

Linc threw back his head, laughing. “That was so lame, Giorgio.”

“Was, wasn’t it,” Giorgio agreed with a laugh.

Damian watched Tom who was suddenly looking at Linc thoughtfully. “You think I’m straight, Linc, but they don’t. Interesting.”

“Oh we think you are,” Damian protested. “After all the odds were fairly astronomical of any of you being gay. Despite what Giorgio said we were more hoping Linc would finally come out of his shell and make some friends. That way perhaps he’d get out of the house and find someone.”

“How large is astronomical; twenty to one, a hundred to one, maybe a thousand to one?”

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Writer and the Ghosts - 15

Want me to cold-cock him?” Giorgio growled.

“No. I’m about to do it myself.” Linc paced two steps closer to Tom. “First off those sites are unreal because they’re just made to titillate. There’s not an ounce of caring in them. Secondly, just for your information mister whatever your last name is, I’m not straight and I’m not perverted. There’s not a damned thing wrong with being gay. Now, will you get your ass out of here.”

“It’s Rider. And I know.”

“Then why were you putting me down?”

“Because I didn’t know.”

Linc scrubbed a hand through his hair. “That’s a bit of a contradiction, you know and you didn’t know.”

“I know there’s nothing wrong with being gay, and I didn’t know you were. If I had I wouldn’t have said what I did.”

Says the ‘I’m soooo tolerant’ straight guy,” Damian muttered.

“Shut up, both of you, I can’t deal with this and the two of you making comments in the back ground at the same time,” Linc said desperately. “Just…go play somewhere else for a while.”

Tom pushed off the door frame, coming back into the room. “Who are you talking to?” he asked, a puzzled look on his face. “Because this time I know you weren’t talking to yourself. Invisible friends, maybe, but not the big bunny kind I don’t think.”

“Well, no, they’re definitely not bunnies.”

Giorgio snorted. “Not bears either, thank goodness.

He hates hairy men,” Damian told Linc. “I think we’re closer to stallions.”

Naw, tigers, all growls and purrs.

Linc snorted.

“They’re talking to you again aren’t they?” Tom sat down on the edge of the bed. “The ghosts. The ones who’re supposed to haunt this place.”

“Maybe. Or maybe I’m just stark raving mad,” Linc replied tightly.

Tom ignored his tone of voice to ask with interest, “Do they appear or just babble?”

I do not ‘babble’,” Giorgio said petulantly.

“From the amount of time Linc’s spent trying to cover up that he’s answering you I have the feeling you babble a lot,” Tom told him with a laugh before he looked at Linc, shock written on his face.

Linc was just as shocked as he looked back at him. “Wait a minute, you heard him?”

“Yes,” Tom said hesitantly. “Didn’t you?”

“Sure but I thought I was the only one who could.”

Neither one of you is supposed to,” Damian told them. “Something’s more than weird here.

“You mean other than the fact we’re talking to two ghosts?” Tom replied as he focused in on where Damian’s voice had come from. “Any chance I can see you as well as hear you?”

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Writer and the Ghosts - 14

Linc hurried up the stairs with Tom right behind him. As soon as they got to his room Linc began to dig through his dresser. “I should have some T-shirts that’ll work.” He pulled two out and turned around to find Tom had stripped off his wet shirt. “Whew,” he muttered.

Whew and double whew,” Damian agreed. “Nice pecs.”

Nice everything,” Giorgio agreed. “And in case you’re wondering Linc, it’s not really possible to gag a ghost in ghost form.

“Well damn.”

Tom chuckled as he held out his hand for the shirts. “You all right there?”

“Oh yeah,” Linc whispered. “More than and hell I shouldn’t be…” He bit his lip as he stared at Tom. Damian had been right; Tom had nice pecs, fantastic chest altogether and... He quickly brought his eyes back up to Tom’s face. “You must work out a lot.”

“Not really. I help my dad with his landscaping business in trade for staying at the house. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s easy work because it’s not.” Tom looked at the two shirts. “’Dr. Who’ fan I take it.”

“Definitely, and even more so when he came on the show.” Linc pointed to one of the shirts. “He was, umm…a good actor…yeah.”

“And sexy as hell so I think I’ll borrow this one.”

Nonplussed by Tom’s comment Linc quickly turned away to find a dry shirt for himself. He heard a chuckle and immediately thought Giorgio was going to make another one of his comments. “Don’t even…” he growled under his breath.

“What, I can’t say he’s sexy?” Tom asked.

“No, I mean yes, I mean…damn it men aren’t supposed to call other men sexy.”

“Oh? Why not?”

Linc spun around to look at him. “Just…because.”

I bet he’s gay,” Giorgio said gleefully. “Ask him.

“You’re crazy. No way…”

Tom shook his head, starting for the door. “I’m not crazy, but I’m beginning to have serious doubts about you. Thanks for the loan of the shirt. I’ll get it back to you tomorrow.”

“Wait, please, I can explain.”

“Explain what? That you have an invisible friend you talk to? Or maybe there are two of you inside your head, sort of like in that one story of yours.”

Linc looked at him in surprise. “You’ve read them?”

Tom shrugged. “Yeah. They’re good horror stories.”

“Thanks. But, I mean…”

“You didn’t do a half bad job with the main characters either. Most authors don’t really handle the whole gay thing too well. Well most straight male authors I should say.”

Oh boy, we have a problem,” Damian grumbled. “He thinks you’re straight, Linc.”

“I sort of noticed,” Linc replied without thinking.

Tom leaned against the door frame, one eyebrow cocked. “So you decided to see if you could do it better huh?”

“What? Oh, well, yeah I suppose so.”

“What did you do, go online to research the…technical details?” Tom grinned. “Lot’s of hits on gay porn sites?”

You better tell him the truth or he’s going to think you’re one strange puppy, Linc.”

Linc bit down hard on his lip to keep from telling Giorgio out loud to get lost. Regaining his slipping control he said, “Those sites are unreal.”

“What’s the trouble Linc? You got turned on when you watched. I hear that can happen to straight guys sometimes. Afraid it means you some sort of sick perv?” Tom’s look was thunderous.